PHOTOS: Momentous Storm Wreaks Havoc in South

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, a historic snow and ice event began, first striking the Deep South.

With the storm underway, five states declared states of emergency, as nearly one third of a million lost power throughout Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

By Wednesday night, national flight cancellations topped 4,000 with more than half of those out of Atlanta International.

Thick ice and snow covered roadways throughout the region creating dangerous and slippery travel, as well as resulting in the deaths of at least five people in Texas.

Before the storm exits through Atlantic Canada it will intensify heading up the East Coast.

The swath of heavy snow will reach from the I-81 corridor in Virginia, Maryland and part of Pennsylvania to the I-95 corridor, impacting many of the Northeast's major cities including, Washington, D.C., Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York, Albany, Boston and Bangor.

While snowfall amounts will vary by region, the storm has the potential to bring upwards of a foot of snow to some areas.

Live updates on the storm can be found here.

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