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Historic Winter Leads to Flooding in the UK

The storms just keep on coming for the United Kingdom following perhaps the wettest December and January period for Wales and England in 248 years, according to Met Office.

In fact, the southeast and central southern England reported the wettest two-month period dating back to 1910.

Scotland reported its wettest December since records began in 1910.

As a result, river flows are also at historic levels across the region with many areas already suffering flooding and more is possible in the coming weeks.

The active storm pattern for this winter has also led to many episodes of damaging winds. The Met Office also stated that December was one of the windiest months across the United Kingdom as a whole since 1993.

Another consequence of the active storm pattern has been multiple large swell events leading to coastal erosion and flooding as well as damage to sea defenses.

The combination of coastal flooding and river flooding has affected thousands of people since December, especially across the southern tier of England.

Due to the recent stretch of historic rainfall, the ground is likely to remain saturated into spring. As a result, any moderate or heavy rainfall can quickly renew or cause new flooding problems across any locations in the United Kingdom, but especially across the south.