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Flooding Concerns Rise with Europe Storms

Areas in the United Kingdom and western Europe will continue to have persistent rain this weeks as flooding concerns rise.

The active weather pattern has already brought a stream of storms and heavy rain for the past weeks.

The heavy rain will continue throughout this week, bringing with it the concern for additional flooding.

A storm north of the United Kingdom on Monday night will swing rain through Ireland, Portugal and northern Spain by Tuesday. As the storm shifts eastward, rain amounts in excess of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) will fall across Portugal and Spain before weakening midweek.

The next wave of energy approaches Ireland and England on Wednesday morning. In addition to periods of steady to heavy rain, this storm will pack some higher wind gusts.

Winds could gust higher than 60 mph (or 95 kph) for the western shores of Ireland and the west coasts of Wales and England.

Following the storm, rain will be heavy across central and northern France.

These rounds of rain will make flooding conditions even worse across much of the continent.

The good news is there will be a brief break across most of western Europe to start the weekend with some sunshine and showers.

However, another storm is expected to stretch over the United Kingdom and to the Mediterranean Sea for early next week.