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More Flooding for Argentina, Uruguay

Over the next few days, more heavy rain will fall over central Argentina into Uruguay. This will fall over parts of the country that have already seen flooding.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, has seen some heavy rainfall over the past few weeks, and nearly 17 inches (430 mm) of rain has fallen since the beginning of the year. This is nearly 400 percent of normal rainfall over this time of year.

Across the border in Montevideo, Uruguay, nearly 20 inches (500 mm) of rain has fallen since the beginning of January. This is nearly 550 percent of normal rainfall for the period.

This heavy rain has been welcome for some, especially north and west of Buenos Aires, as farmers in the area saw less-than-average rainfall last year. In fact, for the same time last year, only 1.60 inches (41 mm) of rain fell. So though this is causing some flooding, this rainfall is more welcome for the farmers in the area.

More heavy rainfall is expected over the next several days as a front remains over the area and with the hot, humid air of inland Argentina, storms develop to the west and push toward the coastline. Some of these storms have brought significant flooding to parts of Argentina and, according to the Buenos Aires Herald, one person died and over 2,000 were evacuated Friday due to the heavy rains in the greater Buenos Aires area.

Some of these storms even have brought strong winds and severe weather with them. Winds yesterday around Buenos Aires gusted to over 50 mph with these storms moving through and, in the past few days, these storms have brought several periods of strong wind gusts with them.

These storms will stick around for the next few days, and may finally clear out by Thursday. And when the storms push farther northeast, some cooler air will also push into Buenos Aires and Montevideo, too.

Story by Meteorologist Alan Reppert