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Warmup in Sochi Could Cause Problems for Events

Temperatures will continue to reach above average for the first full week of competition with some minor effects to the outdoor events.

A wave of energy will push out from the Black Sea Monday night (local time) and will bring a few showers to the Olympic stage through Tuesday.

Above 3,000 feet (~915 meters), the storm will bring a fresh coating of snow to the slopes.

With the precipitation will also come the coldest air of the week.

Highs in the lower to mid-50s (around 12 C) for the city of Sochi on Tuesday will rise following the weak storm.

Sunshine is expected from Wednesday and through the end of the week with temperatures climbing near 60 degrees Fahrenheit (or about 15 Celsius) each day.

Normal temperatures for this time of year are around 50 F (or 10 C).

The higher-than-average temperatures could have some minor effects to the snow courses outdoors. It will be more difficult for the facility to keep the snow from melting. Some man-made snow may need to be added at night.

The warmer air, even for the indoor rinks, will make it more challenging to keep the rinks in good shape. Either way, the rise in temperatures could cause some delay for events.

The good news is that temperatures will return closer to normal by the end of the coming weekend, leaving the final weekend of the Winter Olympics with more winterlike conditions.