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WATCH: Playful Panda Romps Through Toronto Snow

A recent blast of snow to Ontario brought a flurry of flakes to the Toronto Zoo to the delight to some of its residents.

The zoo released a video of Da Mao, the giant panda, playfully rolling around and climbing throughout his snow-covered habitat.

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In the wild, giant pandas can be found in the mountain ranges of central China, an area that gets an average of 106.6 cm (42 inches) of snow and rain each year.

Toronto has already surpassed its typical snowfall amounts this season. After Wednesday's record-breaking snowfall, the city has seen about 110.49 cm (43.5 inches) of snow so far. A typical season will receive 85.09 cm (33.5 inches) of snow accumulations.

On Feb. 5, the day the video was filmed, the Toronto Pearson International Airport received 14 cm(5.5 inches) of snow, which was a new record for the date, providing this playground for Da Mao.