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Storms Continue To Batter England, Ireland

The windy and wet weather will continue for the upcoming week over the U.K. and Ireland as more storms will be pushing through.

The strong winds that moved through Friday and Saturday were with the first storm in the series of storms to move through northern Europe this weekend into next week. Wind gusts were generally in the 40-50 mph range in Ireland and Scotland with the highest gusts seen on Saturday to 84 mph in Aberdaron.

The next storm will move through Monday as a cold front traverses the U.K. and Ireland. Some of the rain may be heavy enough to bring localized flooding, but that threat mainly will be for Ireland. Wind gusts look to be in the 30-40 mph (45-65 kph) range.

As the storms pile up again for northern Europe, flooding will again be a concern for much of the week. Rainfall for London in January was nearly 300 percent of normal, or 5.97 inches (15.2 cm). This rainfall from Saturday and early next week will bring a threat for widespread flooding seen earlier in January.

The strongest storm for the week looks to move into Ireland and the U.K. Tuesday night into Wednesday. Rain will start over Ireland by Tuesday evening with the worst of the storm overnight Tuesday. Much of England and Scotland will see the worst of the storm Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning.

Rainfall with this system will be from 1-3 inches (2.5-7.5 cm) with wind gusts from 40-50 mph (65-80 kph) over most of the area with some gusts to over 70 mph (110 kph), mainly in western Ireland and into the Scottish coastline.

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Waves will again be a concern with these storms, though the bigger waves will likely be with the Tuesday night into Wednesday morning storm. Waves of over 33 feet (10 meters) will make for some coastal flooding and road closures.

The next storm after that is possible for Thursday night in southern England with another larger storm possible for Saturday.

By Meteorologist Alan Reppert