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Rain for Sochi, Snow for Olympic Mountain Venues

A major winter storm brought feet of snow to the Olympic venues just a week ago; however, a recent stretch of mild weather, combined with rain falling, even in some of the higher elevations has put a hit on the snow pack across the region.

Colder air began to arrive on Wednesday night causing rain to change to snow in the higher elevations while rain continued to fall in Sochi and the Olympic Village.

Snow is expected to continue through Friday night at varying intensity across the mountains giving the resorts a boost in snow conditions.

In Sochi, the colder air will mean a chilly rain into Friday morning before precipitation tapers off.

A weak storm system will bring more rain to Sochi early next week while snow is again expected for the skiing areas.

The weather leading up the Olympics is expected to turn milder which could lead to deteriorating conditions on the slopes used for the Olympic Games.

Whether or not the weather pattern will lead to problems for the Olympics will depend on how mild and how long this pattern lasts, but the concern exists nonetheless.