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Photos of the Week: Fires, Fog, Floods Seize the Globe

The winter and summer seasons clashed this week, letting a multitude of weather phenomena unfold around the world.

Just across the United States, winter fog in the East, snow in the northern Plains and heat in the West and significant temperature contrasts across the nation.

At midweek, dense winter fog enshrouded New York City, setting an eerie, wintry scene for the region, while New England enjoyed a snow-free sunrise.

Moving west, massive pileups flared up across the northern Plains, as blowing snow made for near-zero visibility near Sioux Falls, S.D.

On the West Coast, Southern California erupted in flames, as the return of the Santa Ana winds against the drought-stricken land triggered two immense wildfires in the area.

Across the Pacific, a resilient heat wave slammed Australia making for sizzling temperatures at the Australian Open in Melbourne. The heat caused suspension of gameplay on Tuesday and Wednesday, as multiple players and spectators suffered heat-related illnesses.

North of Oz, widespread rainfall caused deadly flooding and mudslides, claiming more than 25 lives in the southern Philippines.

Along I-90, west of Sioux Falls, S.D., blowing snow and low visibility result in a 22-car pileup on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014. (Twitter Photo/NWS Sioux Falls)

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