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Another Heat Wave for Buenos Aires

An extended heat wave will occur across northern Argentina and Uruguay through the upcoming weekend.

Following a cool weekend, temperatures began to climb on Monday and Tuesday. Even more heat will build through Sunday as daily high temperatures are expected to average 6-8 C (10-15 F) above normal.

High temperatures will range from 35-38 C (95-101 F) in Buenos Aires Thursday and Friday.

Daniel Britez endures the high temperatures as his son Alejandro, 4, cools down in a fountain in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)

Meteorologist Evan Duffey said "Temperatures could reach 105 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday in Buenos Aires."

A previous heat wave across similar areas in late December caused blackouts across some of the more populated areas of northeastern Argentina, including Buenos Aires, leading to protests.

A cold front will push through northern Argentina on Monday reaching southern Uruguay by Monday night.

This front will bring some relief from the heat; however, it will also produce severe thunderstorms capable of producing torrential rainfall, damaging winds and hail.

A wave of low pressure will then move along the front during the middle of next week and could result in additional rounds of heavy rainfall with potential flooding problems for areas from Buenos Aires through Montevideo.