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Snow to Spread from Minneapolis to Chicago, Detroit

A fast-moving storm from western Canada will spread a swath of snow and slippery travel from the northern Plains to the Great Lakes region into Tuesday.

The storm, known as an Alberta Clipper, will ride one of two pushes of colder air that will put the Midwest back into winter mode and will also put some areas back into a deep freeze for a brief time.

The snow will track along the I-94 and I-90 corridors, bringing a general 1 to 3 inches of accumulation.

Cities that could have travel delays from the storm and its snow include Fargo, N.D., Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit.

With the brief spell of mild weather recently, some of the snow may initially melt on the roads, then freeze, adding to the slippery conditions. Just enough snow can fall to prompt deicing operations at area airports.

The air following the clipper storm will be far less extreme than the blast that hit areas early last week.

On Wednesday, highs will be in the single digits, teens and 20s from much of the northern Plains to the Midwest.

A second push of cold air will follow late in the week into the weekend and will be accompanied by another clipper storm and spotty snowfall.

In between both pushes of cold, temperatures can briefly rebound for a day or so.

Both pushes of cold air will bring temperatures below zero at night over the North Central states that border Canada. However, while temperatures will be well below average this type of cold is not highly unusual for the region during January.

Both pushes of cold air will also trigger episodes of lake-effect snow.