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AccuWeather LIVE: Cold to Return to the East

On this week's edition of AccuWeather LIVE, we will take a look at the return of the polar vortex. Though temperatures will drop, they will not be as cold as the last time this arctic air shot into the United States.

Ski season is ramping up, so Bernie Rayno and Evan Myers will take a look at some of the better areas in the country for ski conditions as part of their By the Numbers segment. They will address some of the questions and comments that fans sent in this week.

Mark Mancuso will also answer some fan questions and will show some of the best user-submitted photos from the past week.

In line with ski season, Heather Waldman will explain the dangers of avalanches, which have taken five lives so far this season on the mountains.

With some cold weather on the way, Andrew Baglini will tell some of the ways fans can stay warm as we get closer to the first outdoor Super Bowl in the Northeast.

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