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More Snow on the Horizon for the Northeast?

Accumulating snow could return to the Northeast at midweek, if all the right ingredients come together.

Milder air filtering into the Northeast on Monday will set the stage for a mainly rain event late Monday through Tuesday.

The warmth will also keep the risk of more ice jams high on area rivers.

A widespread soaking rain is not expected, but it will be enough to make most people want to grab the umbrella before heading outdoors.

The air will be too warm for the storm to produce substantial snow, but it is not out of the question for the rain to end as a few wet snowflakes across the interior.

If there is an area that picks up at quick an inch or so at the storm's tail-end, it would be across the interior of Maine and New Brunswick.

The next possibility of accumulating snow elsewhere in the Northeast could come via the Alberta Clipper, set to spread a band of snow from the Dakotas to the Great Lakes Monday through Tuesday.

One scenario is that the snow--leaving up to a few inches--will head northeastward, either grazing or passing over the St. Lawrence Valley on Wednesday.

A thin band of rain or snow showers will cross the rest of the Northeast. Fresh cold will follow, kicking up some additional snow showers downwind of the Great Lakes and in the upslope areas of the central and northern Appalachians.

However, meteorologists are monitoring the possibility of a storm system taking shape along the East Coast on Wednesday.

That would lead to a steadier band of rain developing east of the Appalachians, including over the heavily populated I-95 corridor.

The incoming cold could arrive fast enough to cause the rain to change to a few inches of snow along or in between the I-81 and I-95 corridors. Between these two corridors in the mid-Atlantic, odds favor accumulating snow toward or over the I-81 corridor.

The precise placement of this snow band will depend on the low's exact track along the Northeast coast--if the low even develops.

If the second scenario pans out and a low does take shape, it is not expected to rapidly strengthen and deliver substantial snow. Regardless, a few inches of snow could lead to some travel disruptions for those traveling on the ground or in the air.

Residents and visitors to the Northeast should continue to check back with for the latest updates on how the weather for Wednesday will unfold.

In either solution, a blast of colder air with a piece of the polar vortex will arrive by the upcoming weekend.