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A Hot Week For Tennis

The Australian Open is typically played in January, which is summer-time in the Southern Hemisphere. As it is summer in Australia, temperatures in Melbourne can get quite hot or even be nice and cool, depending on how the winds are blowing.

Much like Southern California which is influenced by wind directions, winds that blow offshore can lead to temperatures well above normal, where a shift in those winds can lead to a very cool day i they are onshore.

The start of the Australian Open is looking to be a hot time as high temperatures will climb well into the 90s and even the triple digits by the middle of the week.

Monday is looking to have a high of 95 F (35 C), where the normal highs are only 77 F (25 C). This is the first step up in temperatures as the high on Sunday was 76 F (24 C).

By the day Tuesday, temperatures will be climbing to 106 F (41 C). The warmest of days for this hot spell looks to come on Thursday as the high will top out at 108 F (42 C). This will be over 30 degrees F above normal.

The all time record for Melbourne was Feb. 7, 2009 when the temperature climbed to 115.5 F (46.4 C).

The heat will bring some problems with matches for the Australian Open, however, some of the stadiums have retractable roofs to help with the extreme heat.

This heat will not only be an issue for playing tennis in, but anyone outside will need to be alert to the heat. Drinking plenty of water, staying out of the sun as much as possible and taking more breaks for anyone who is outside is needed.

The hot temperatures will also bring a threat for wildfires with it. Queensland and Western Australia have been dealing with some hot conditions late last week and for the weekend which brought fire warnings. Bushfires east of Perth have destroyed dozens of homes, according to the AP.

It looks like by the end of the week and the weekend, temperatures will drop closer to normal. The high on Saturday is expected to only reach 76 F (24 C).