Soaking Rain, Wind in Offing for Saturday NFL Playoff Games

Two potent storms will affect Saturday playoff games with windswept rain.

With the polar vortex out of the picture for a while, fans and players on Saturday will not have to be concerned about bitterly cold air or blizzard conditions in Seattle, Wash., and Foxboro, Mass.

However, drenching, windswept rain is in the offing for both Saturday playoff games.

For fans traveling a distance to get to the games on Saturday, enough rain can fall to cause poor drainage problems on area roads. Fog and low cloud ceilings could also slow travel.

In the Northwest, snow levels will lower to pass levels in the Cascades on Saturday, where more than a foot of snow can fall through the weekend.

Both storm systems are strong enough to produce rare January thunderstorms on Saturday.

There is a chance of thunder and lightning being produced by the storm in the Northwest around Seattle during the afternoon and evening.

In the East, locally severe thunderstorms are possible over the southern part of the Atlantic Seaboard. While a few storms can reach into the mid-Atlantic, they are less likely to reach as far north as New England by Saturday evening. However, there is a remote chance of some thunder and lightning at Foxboro.

Dry weather is forecast for both playoff games on Sunday.

Almost perfect football weather is in store for the game at Charlotte, N.C., early on Sunday afternoon.

Gusty winds potentially could be an issue for the game at bit later at Denver.