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Sizzling Heat to Return, Spreading From Perth to Melbourne

After a record-setting heat wave scorched parts of Australia during the first week of 2014, another blast of scorching temperatures will bake much of the southern half of the continent through the middle of next week.

The heat will build across Western Australia, including Perth, this weekend where thermometers will crack 43 C (110 F) Saturday. As high pressure slides east, so will the sizzling temperatures.

By the early part of the the week, residents of South Australia will be baking in temperatures above 37 C (100 F). Adelaide is expected to climb to 37 C on Tuesday through Thursday.

After a cool and comfortable weekend, Victoria and New South Wales should see higher temperatures by Monday with Melbourne climbing to near 40 C on Tuesday.

In most places, the heat will last two or three days. Warm, muggy nights are also in store with nighttime low temperatures dropping into only the mid-20s C.

As with any heat wave, proper hydration is imperative, and outdoor activities should be limited during the afternoon hours. Heat exhaustion can occur in a short amount of time without enough liquids or rest.

The previous heat wave that ended 2013 and started 2014 helped 2013 become the hottest year on record in Australia according to the Australia Bureau of Meteorology. In addition, 34 locations in Australia set all-time high temperature records between Dec. 30 and Jan. 4.

The upcoming swath of heat is expected to be centered a bit farther south than the previous heat wave. Nevertheless, the trend of unusual warmth will continue to many places across the continent as the first month of 2014 unfolds.

Records may fall in some locations with this upcoming heat wave. Perth will most likely fall just shy of the record high temperature in January of 46 C (115 F). In Melbourne, the all-time record high for the month is 44.6 C (112 F). Meteorologist Eric Leister contributed to the content of this story.