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Northeast, I-80 Corridor Nuisance Snow to Precede Warmup

As a weak storm rolls eastward, a period of light snow will tag along Thursday night into Friday along the I-80 corridor and part of the I-95 corridor in the Northeast.

Snow associated with the weak storm system was falling over parts of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio Thursday.

Just enough snow was falling to bring a fresh light covering of snow to roads, sidewalks and vehicles.

The greatest amount of snow, 1-2 inches, is likely to fall on the Allegheny Mountains of western Pennsylvania and western New York state Thursday night.

However, a coating to an inch of snow is forecast from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, New York City and Boston as the system progresses to the east into Friday morning.

Enough snow will fall to make roads and sidewalks slippery and could lead to minor flight delays due to deicing operations and slippery runways.

As temperatures slowly rise on the rear of the weak storm, a bit of freezing rain or drizzle can occur.

Enough can fall to put a thin glaze on surfaces, including in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia areas Friday morning.