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BREAKING: Fog Leads to Massive Pileup Along I-84

Freezing fog and low visibility during the morning commute led to a massive pileup along I-84 near Boise, Idaho, Thursday morning.

The crash happened a mere 11 miles east of the city in Meridian, as emergency crews were responding to an earlier accident along the highway, according to the Associated Press.

More than 40 cars were involved in the wreck and at least 10 people were injured as a result.

Prior to the pileup, the area received some early-morning snowfall, which made for slippery and wet road conditions.

At the time of the incident, temperatures were around freezing, as fog encompassed the region.

"Visibilities were low, below one quarter of a mile for approximately an hour," AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Edwards said.

While investigations are still ongoing, the interstate was reopened around 2 p.m. MDT, according to an Associated Press article.

Despite the recent cold and wintry weather in the area, the region is in for a dramatic warmup this weekend.

"It will turn milder through the weekend," Edwards said. "The area may see temperatures close to 50 degrees on Saturday and nighttime lows above freezing."

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