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11 Tweets That Prove the US is Obsessed With the Polar Vortex

As temperatures plummeted to record-breaking lows Tuesday morning for more than 240 million people across the United States and southern Canada, the Twittersphere exploded with opinions on its cause: the Polar Vortex.

The meteorological term has garnered significant attention over the past few days as AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures as low as 70 F below zero stretched across major population centers in the Midwest.

In reality, the term refers to nothing more than a pocket of cold air from the North Pole that's been pushed farther south than usual.

On Tuesday morning, every state in the U.S., except Hawaii, had plunged to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, giving the masses an excuse to use the term.

And they did. Beginning Monday night, #polarvortex was a national trend.

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