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Strong Winds and Heavy Rain to Start Week Across the UK

A storm will continue to lash the UK Monday. High winds will be a threat to cause damage through Monday night. Then winds will subside later Tuesday.

The highest wind gusts will top 50 mph across most of Ireland and the England. The period of highest winds across Ireland will last through Monday, diminishing some at night. The strongest winds across England will be during the day Monday through Tuesday morning.

Winds will be sustained at 20-30 mph with frequent gusts of 40-50 mph in places like London, and Dublin. More wind prone locations on the western coasts will be subject to gusts of 60-70 mph.

Rainfall is not expected to be particularly heavy. But, heavy rainfall has been an issue across the UK recently. So, any rain that falls will be on saturated ground.

Even though more showers are expected during the middle and end of the week, there will not be a major storm system to deal with.

There is no sign of a major storm that will produce high winds. But, rainfall will be rather persistent through next weekend.

It does not look like there will be flooding downpours. But, we have to remember that the ground is saturated. The feeling is if there are any flooding issues mid week through the weekend, they will be very isolated.