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Sri Lanka, India Face Flooding Threat From Cyclone

Tropical Cyclone One (01B) will affect Sri Lanka with heavy rain and gusty winds through the rest of the weekend and into the first part of next week bringing the threat for life-threatening flooding and mudslides.

Waves of rain were already falling across communities such as Trincomalee, Mannar and Anuradhapura this weekend, and the rain will continue to fall through Tuesday of the upcoming week.

There is a concern for flash flooding and mudslides across Sri Lanka which can wash roads away and make communication more difficult in the areas that see the heaviest rain.

The slow movement of the storm will bring 75-150 mm (3-6 inches) of rain to the northern two-thirds of Sri Lanka with localized higher amounts around 200 mm (8 inches) along the northern coast and across the highest terrain.

Approximately 25-75 mm (1-3 inches) of rain will fall along Sri Lanka's southern coast as well as across India's southeastern part of the Province of Tamil Nadu. While these amounts of rain should not cause major flooding, some flash flooding is still possible in the heaviest downpours.

Wind gusts between 40-60 kph will be common over northern Sri Lanka and near the coast of southeastern Tamil Nadu with some higher gusts to 80 kph in a couple of spots.

Tropical Cyclone One developed early Saturday morning close to 200 miles to the east of northern Sri Lanka. Due to the storms proximity to land, one is not expected to strengthen much more, if at all, through the next couple of days.

The cyclone will gradually track westward over the next few days and then likely dissipate near the northern coast of Sri Lanka or along the shores of Tamil Nadu as the center of circulation interacts with land.