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PHOTOS: Snowstorm Buries Midwest, Northeast

As a swath of snow spreads from the Midwest to northern New England, more than 20 states are being slammed with multiple inches of snow.

The snowstorm has already caused travel headaches, closing highways as well as delaying and canceling flights across the region.

While the snow began in portions of the Midwest including Chicago late Wednesday night, the storm will evolve into a blizzard as it moves northeastward Thursday night into Friday.

The worst of the snow is expected to inundate northern New England, dumping more than 12 inches on the area before it subsides on Friday.

By the time the blizzard finishes sometime Friday, it will have impacted most of the major cities in the Midwest and the Northeast, including Chicago; Detroit; Indianapolis; Washington D.C.; Pittsburgh; Philadelphia; Baltimore; New York City; Buffalo, N.Y.; Albany, N.Y.; Providence, R.I.; Hartford, Conn.; Boston; Burlington, Vt.; and Bangor, Maine.

For live updates on the storm, read LIVE: NY Under State of Emergency as Blizzard Looms.

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