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Snow and Cold Ends Weekend for Chicago, Detroit

Yet another storm will slam into the Midwest by the end of the weekend with the coldest air this season to follow.

A cold front will approach the Great Lakes late Saturday, bringing cold and snow through Chicago for Sunday.

A new storm center will form along the front in the Mississippi Valley late on Sunday, bringing another snowstorm to the Great Lakes and portions of the Northeast.

Although there is still some discrepancy as to where exactly the low will track once it develops, the heaviest corridor of snow looks to extend from western Kentucky through the Ohio Valley and into southern Ontario for the start of the week.

Most of the storm will be out of the United States by Monday evening, but dangerous cold will linger in its wake.

Temperatures in Chicago are not expected to exceed zero degrees on Monday with Detroit experiencing afternoon highs in the single digits Monday and Tuesday.

Lows Monday night in Pittsburgh, Pa., and Binghamton, N.Y., will drop well below freezing with highs in the single digits Tuesday.

January is commonly the coldest month in the Northern Hemisphere. Combined with less sunlight and a growing snowpack, the first month of the year can bring some downright frigid air.