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Another Strong Wind Event Aims at UK, Ireland

An end to damaging wind events for the United Kingdom and Ireland did not coincide with the close of 2013. Instead, more strong winds are on the horizon.

The windy New Year's Day across the United Kingdom is a sign of things to come for the first week of 2014.

After a lull on Thursday, strong wind gusts will return in a west-to-east fashion across Ireland and the United Kingdom Thursday night through Friday.

Winds will gust to 65 kph (40 mph) and higher, threatening to cause tree damage and power outages. Those traveling by air, rail and vehicles should prepare for possible disruptions.

Such impacts may become most widespread across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and South West England where the wind gusts will top 80 kph (50 mph).

This zone encompasses Dublin and includes coastal communities along the English Channel. Winds will be strongest in Dublin during the daylight hours of Friday.

Peak gusts in London will range from 65 to 75 kph (40 to 45 mph) late Thursday night through Friday.

Some rain will also accompany the storm set to kick up the gusty winds across Ireland and the United Kingdom, but widespread flooding rain is not expected.

On the heels of this storm, the next wind-maker for Europe will take aim at Portugal, Spain and southern France for the start of the weekend.

Sunday through Monday will be another windy stretch for Ireland and the United Kingdom. Gusts during this time will range from 55 to 90 kph (35 to 55 mph).

Southwest-facing coastal communities will be most susceptible to the gusts on the higher end of that range, along with locally stronger gusts.