Heat Wave to End Across Buenos Aires

Temperatures have climbed above 31 C (88 F) degrees everyday since Dec. 13 in Buenos Aires.

This long-duration heat wave has put stress on the electrical grid of Argentina resulting in blackouts that have left many without power and any way to cool down.

Good news is on the horizon for those wishing for a break in the heat. A cold front will arrive Wednesday night bringing both cooler temperatures and lower dew points.

In the meantime, temperatures will continue to climb to around 34 C (93 F) both Tuesday and Wednesday.

There can be a shower or thunderstorm around both days, but the most widespread rainfall is expected just ahead of the cold front late Wednesday and Wednesday night.

These storms will be capable of producing winds over 65 kph (40 mph) along with locally heavy rainfall.

Temperatures will remain seasonably warm on Thursday; however, dew points will lower reducing the impacts of the heat.

By Friday, both lower dew points and temperatures will be found across northern Argentina, including Buenos Aires.

Temperatures will begin to climb over the weekend and into early next week, but another cold front arriving by Tuesday should prevent another heatwave.