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PHOTOS: 'Sparkling' Snow Creates a White Christmas for Many

A white Christmas occurred for many areas of the U.S. in 2013, including in the Rockies, portions of the Plains, Upper Midwest and northern New England.

Fresh snow was coating the ground on Christmas from Minnesota and Wisconsin to northern Illinois and Michigan, with amounts above 3 inches in some areas.

Meanwhile, last weekend's storm left behind enough snow for a rare white Christmas across portions of Missouri and Kansas, where the chance for a white Christmas based on climatology ranges from 10-25 percent.

Kansas City had 4 inches of snow on the ground in the morning, so it was officially a white Christmas. According to the National Weather Service office in Kansas City, this was the 21st white Christmas in 124 years of record keeping.

A sparkling white Christmas in Wichita, Kan. (Photo/AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions Senior Vice President Mike Smith).