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New UK Damaging Wind Threat Follows Boxing Day

Widespread damaging winds will return to the United Kingdom and Ireland after the Christmas and Boxing Day holidays.

Nearly every community across the United Kingdom will be subject to wind gusts in excess of 80 kph (50 mph) Thursday night through Friday as a powerful storm rolls through.

Residents should prepare for tree damage and power outages. Falling trees could cause more damage and bodily harm depending on where they land.

Such issues may become most widespread across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, southwestern Scotland and the western coast of England where the strongest gusts--ranging from 95 to 130 kph (60 to 80 mph)--will howl. Dublin is included in this zone.

The winds throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom could also overturn high-profile vehicles, while possibly causing delays to flights and trains.

Officials may even deem some bridges too unsafe for motorists to travel over due to the winds. That was the case on Tuesday on the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, according to BBC News.

Ireland, especially western areas, will be the first to notice an increase in winds Thursday afternoon. Winds will strengthen over the rest of Ireland and the United Kingdom Thursday night with more wind to follow for Friday.

The pre-dawn and morning hours of Friday will be the windiest time period for London.

The damaging wind event will be more prolonged for Dublin, spanning from Thursday night through at least midday Friday.

Rain will also accompany the powerful storm whipping through Thursday night and Friday. With the impending and recent storms leaving the ground saturated, more trees could succumb to the strong wind gusts.

While holiday travelers heading home from their Christmas and Boxing Day destinations could be impacted from the storm, the holidays themselves will be relatively calm across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Spotty showers will make the western coastlines the exceptions each day, while more numerous showers and gusty winds impact northern Scotland on Wednesday. As mentioned previously, rain and wind will increase across Ireland on Thursday.