PHOTOS: Remembering White Christmases in the US

While the best chance for a white Christmas is in northern New England, Upper Midwest, Rocky Mountains or the Intermountain West on any given year, other areas in the nation have had their share of snow for the holiday.

In 2002, State College, Pa., New York City and most of the tri-state area experienced a white Christmas as a nor'easter moved up the Atlantic Coast. This snowfall aided in making December 2002 the eighth snowiest December on record for State College, as the town received 19.3 inches in total that month.

Two years later on Christmas morning in 2004, farther south in Corpus Christi, Texas, despite having less than a 25 percent chance for a white Christmas, received an unusual snowfall that buried the city. This snowfall made the December of 2004 the snowiest December and snowiest month on record for the city.

With a total of 20.1 inches, December 2010 became the sixth snowiest December in New York City's history, as a blizzard slammed the city and other parts of the state right in time for Christmas. From 2010 to 2011, the city received 61.9 inches of snow.

This year, a decent snowcover across the Rockies, Upper Midwest and far northern New England will ensure a white Christmas. However, a drastic weekend warmup along the I-95 corridor lessened the chances for a white Christmas. For the latest updates on Christmas day weather, stay tuned to

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