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Developing Tropical Cyclone Near Australia

Low pressure just north of Australia looks to develop into a stronger storm by this weekend.

The center of the disturbance will travel westward through the Timor Sea and into the eastern Indian Ocean. In doing so, the system will move into more favorable conditions for development, including warmer waters and weaker opposing winds.

The storm currently looks to strengthen as it takes a turn towards the northwest coast of Australia, near the western Pilbara Coast or Gascoyne coast early next week.

Expert Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls said, "Conditions look good for rapid strengthening this week and possible Tropical Cyclone Christine has the potential to be a strong storm late in the week."

The strength and exact track of the storm will determine the amount of rain the coastlines receive, starting late this week. The Kimberly and Pilbara regions will be greatest at risk for damaging winds and flooding. The storm will also pass a high density oil drilling area northwest of Australia. These locations and interests should monitor the situation closely through the week.