Winds Continues To Affect England, Ireland

Over the next several days, the unrelenting line of storms will continue to affect the United Kingdom and Ireland, starting with Monday and continuing through the end of the year.

In the past week or more, there have been a number of storms that brought stronger winds to northern Europe, and most of the winds have been centered over Ireland and the United Kingdom. Though these storms have been weaker than the October storm over southern England was, wind gusts in parts of Scotland and Ireland have been over 110 kph (70 mph) several times this past week.

With these storms, windswept rain has made problems for not only travelers, but also brought some downed trees and power lines as the winds have been quite gusty.

The storm moving in on Monday is looking to bring gusty winds through Tuesday as some of the strongest winds in the past week will affect the United Kingdom and Ireland, including London and Dublin.

Winds with this storm will be over 110 kph (70 mph) for most of Ireland, also for much of Scotland and even to coastal parts of England and Wales. Wind gusts into Dublin could be gusting to near hurricane force through parts of the day in Dublin.

London will not be spared from the strong winds either, as wind gusts to over 80 kph (50 mph) will be possible over the rest of England and Wales. These stronger wind gusts will even affect parts of coastal France through Denmark.

These winds will primarily be focused at the beaches and offshore, however, the stronger winds and rain combination could bring localized flooding. Also, downed trees and power lines along with difficult commutes for anyone traveling by car, plane or train will be a possibility.

Once this storm dissipates Tuesday afternoon and evening, there will be a nice lull in windstorms for Christmas day and for Boxing Day also, however, the next storm is already on the horizon by the time the end of the week approaches.

Late Thursday night into Friday, another storm will move through Ireland and the United Kingdom. Though this storm will not be as powerful as the Monday and Tuesday storm, this next storm will be closer to land, which will help to bring the strong winds to the same areas yet again.

Wind gusts could be on the order of what we will see Monday and Tuesday, and with the rain around, yet another chance for downed trees and power lines will be possible as the storm blows through.

After that storm, another threat for winds will be around for Sunday into Monday of next week. That storm looks to be weaker than the current storm and even the storm for the end of the week. And this windy pattern will likely continue into the early part of the new year.

Story by Meteorologist Alan Reppert