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Snowstorm to Hit Central States, Northeast This Weekend

The punches just keep on coming from Old Man Winter. A new storm is poised to impact parts of the South, Midwest and Northeast this weekend and threatens to bring travel and shipping delays, as well as disruptions to outdoor activities.

While this will end up being a warmer storm for many areas from Texas and Arkansas to the I-95 corridor of the mid-Atlantic compared to recent storms, it will bring snow or a wintry mix for a time in some locations and an all-out snowstorm to areas farther north.

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The storm will affect the Central states Friday into Saturday and much of the East Saturday into Sunday.

A stripe of snow is most likely to fall over parts of northern Indiana, Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania, upstate New York, northern New England and neighboring Canada.

The heaviest snow may center over part of the Northeast Saturday night into Sunday, where, the storm taps into Atlantic moisture, overcomes competing factors and prior issues with dry air.

Cities likely to stay all snow during the event include Cleveland, Syracuse, N.Y., Burlington, Vt., and Portland, Maine.

Most cities in the I-95 corridor of the mid-Atlantic will have a period of snow or a wintry mix at the onset, followed by rain at the height of the storm.

The storm will have issues with a tongue of dry air sweeping up from the southwest. This dry air may move in during the height of the storm in some areas, causing the snow, mix or rain to shut off rather abruptly.

Snow or a wintry mix will fall on Philadelphia Saturday afternoon during the Army-Navy Classic. An eventual change to plain rain is forecast in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City.

However, it could snow heavily late Saturday and Saturday night prior to any change to rain, raising concerns for a period of slippery roads and more significant travel disruptions. Boston and Hartford, Conn., are among the candidates for this.

According to Expert Senior Meteorologist Bernie Rayno, "For many areas in the Midwest and Northeast, this will be the third snowfall or wintry mix in a week counting the storm last weekend and the storm Monday night and Tuesday."

Some cities in the mid-Atlantic have already received more snow this winter compared to all of last winter, including Philadelphia and Wilmington, Del.

The storms are creating major headaches for travelers and have states, cities and townships going through a great deal of ice melting compounds and spending a sizable amount of the winter budget early in the season.

In the South, enough rain can fall in some locations to cause flooding in urban and poor drainage areas. Rain and low ceilings could impact flights at Atlanta and Charlotte.

The storm will come together over the Deep South Friday and head toward a cold high pressure system moving across the Northeast.

"The storm will be preceded by the coldest air of the season so far in parts of the Midwest and Northeast," Rayno said, "The storm itself will attack the cold air, removing much of it, but squeezing out precipitation in the process."

In the wake of the storm this weekend, a mixture of Arctic and Pacific air is forecast to come in, so it may not feel quite as cold as recent days from the Midwest to the East and part of the South.

"The milder air starting next week will allow a break from the wintry precipitation in some areas hit hard, but not everywhere." According to Long Range Expert Jack Boston, "Just enough cold air will linger in the northern tier states to allow more storms with snow and wintry mix as the the month progresses."