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AccuWeather LIVE: More Snowstorms to Spread in US

On this week's edition of AccuWeather LIVE, our meteorologists will be on air live to track the snowstorm that may move through the United States this weekend.

Stef Davis will discuss the conditions that make snowflakes, taking a look at how temperatures can change the way snowflakes are shaped. Mark Mancuso will show part of a photo collection that demonstrates close-up just how intricate and different snowflake shapes can be.

After that, Andrew Baglini will discuss the ways winter sports fan can prepare to watch outdoor games comfortably in the cold.

Jim Dickey will host a segment discussing how the weather impacts the season's harvest of Christmas trees. A wet winter in parts of the Southeast has helped to spread a condition known as "root rot" that can be deadly for the firs that many look to place in their homes for the holiday.

Bernie Rayno and Evan Myers will host their weekly edition of By the Numbers and will address some fan questions and comments about the upcoming weather systems.

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Mark Mancuso will also discuss some fan comments and share some of the best user-submitted photos from the past week.

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