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December Temperature Flip: Cold Eases in East, Blasts Into West

An upcoming flip in the weather pattern across the nation will send the cold air into the Northwest and will allow the cold to ease in the East and South.

During the first week of December, frigid air will push southward across western Canada and into the Northwest United States.

According to Expert Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson, "The Arctic air will deliver the lowest temperatures of the season so far for Vancouver, British Columbia; Seattle and Spokane, Wash.; and Portland and Medford, Ore."

The pattern could bring the first snow of the season to part of the Washington and Oregon coasts.

Late next week, the pattern will also send the coldest air of the season so far into California.

As the cold settles into the Southwest, it will help to add fuel for a series of winter storms originating from the Pacific.

The storms next week will bring a wide variety of precipitation, and perhaps episodes of high winds, to the West.

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Eventually, the storms will find their way into the Midwest and part of the Northeast.

There is a chance of severe weather in parts of the South and Central states with one or more storm systems as well. will have more information on the stormy pattern in the coming days.

As the cold air pushes southward in the West, a seesaw-effect will allow the cold to retreat over the South, much of the Midwest and to some extent in the Northeast next week.

"There will be some atmospheric resistance to the warmup in the Northeast, but temperatures will trend back to normal levels for at least several days," Anderson stated.

Most folks in the South will not be shivering next week and should be able to hang up the heavy jackets and coats.

During the second week of December, it appears the west to east temperature extreme will ease a bit, but more shuffling around in the pattern is likely as the month progresses.