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Showers Possible for Bay Area Thanksgiving

It will be a mostly sunny start the week, but increased cloudiness and a chance for some showers will arrive just ahead of Thanksgiving.

Some rain would generally be good news for the region, as San Francisco is still in an area of severe drought. The rain will also bring some needed relief farther inland where drought conditions are considered exceptional.

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The cloudiness will increase to only occasional bouts of sunshine by Wednesday. On Thanksgiving Day the precipitation chances will be highest in the late afternoon and evening hours.

Highs for the week will be in the lower 60s. Temperatures will moderate back into the 70s by week's end. Overnight lows will be in the mid- to upper 40s all week.

Watch for travel delays at airports leading up to the holiday as stormy conditions for many major East Coast hubs will like have a ripple affect across the country.