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Tropical Cyclone Eyes India

Tropical Cyclone 5B formed Saturday afternoon, local time, in the Indian Ocean to the west of Indonesia. This storm is a weak tropical cyclone now, but over the next several days, it is looking to intensify.

Though this storm will be slow to intensify, the development is expected to take place as it pushes off to the northeast. It may become the equivalent of a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean in the next 24-36 hours.

As the storm moves over the Bay of Bengal, it will be moving over some warm waters along with some favorable atmospheric conditions. The intensifying storm can possibly develop into a severe Tropical Cyclone before it moves into India, given the right conditions.

The current track shows 5B likely to make landfall late Wednesday or early Thursday, local time, south of Visakhapatnam, India. The conditions will be quite bad if this does become a severe Tropical Cyclone. Wind gusts of over 160 kph (100 mph) along with heavy flooding rainfall and coastal flooding are all possible. With recent storms that tracked the same way, this could cause significant flooding yet again.

Tropical Cyclones typically form here in the April and May time frame, and then again in a second spike in October and November.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert