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Italy Flood Threat Renewed Through This Weekend

After dealing with deadly flooding from a storm earlier this week, another moisture-laden cyclone will track across Sardinia and the Mediterranean Sea on Friday and linger close by through the weekend.

An additional 50-100 mm (2-4 inches) of rain with some locally higher amounts is expected across Sardinia beginning on Friday and continuing through at least Saturday and Sunday.

Any further rainfall will only act to exacerbate the ongoing flooding problems. Meteorologist Krissy Pydynowski points out that flash flooding will be most likely "across the western coast of Sardinia, and especially where recent heavy rain has already triggered flooding or left the ground saturated and waterways swollen."

Accompanying the rain will be gusty winds on the order or 25-50 kph (15-30 mph) with some higher gusts. The combination of a soggy ground, more rain, and gusty winds will make it easier for trees and rocks to become uprooted causing mudslides.

This latest cyclone will move through Sardinia on Friday, then stall out close to Rome on Saturday before drifting southeastward later in the weekend.

Temperatures across Sardinia and much of central Italy will average a couple to a few degrees cooler than average for latter November thanks to the added cloud cover.

By early next week, the cyclone should finally move far enough away giving many areas across the central Mediterranean a break from the heavier rain.