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Icy Wintry Mix, Travel Delays for Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles

An arctic push of air will continue to sink southward Friday into the southern Plains, putting many at risk for an icy wintry mix.

Slippery travel will develop as a result from southern Kansas to eastern New Mexico and across much of Texas and Oklahoma.

Cities affected in this area include Oklahoma City, Okla., Lubbock, Texas, Amarillo, Texas, and Carlsbad, N.M.

Roads can develop an icy accumulation, making road travel dangerous. Motorists are advised to reduce speed and use caution while driving.

Folks planning on taking their travel to the air should expect flight delays. Passengers may spend a little more time on the tarmac before departure due to plane deicing.

Icy and snowy conditions brought many flight delays Thursday and Thursday night.

According to, more than 500 arriving and departing flights had been delayed and more than 30 flights had been canceled at Denver International Airport Thursday.

Road travel was affected as well. Many slick spots developed on I-70 and highway 83 in Kansas as freezing rain accumulated throughout the day. Major roadways at risk on Friday include I-20, I-27, and I-40.

Temperatures are expected to plummet as the rush of arctic air continues to advance farther south. Large temperatures drops can be expected across central and southern Texas Friday.

As the arctic air overtook Lubbock Thursday, temperatures dropped 30 degrees in a span of 3 hours. Oklahoma City felt a similar chilly drop, going from 68 to 38 in a span of 5 hours.

Aside from the wintry mix, snow is forecast to fall across Colorado and northern New Mexico. Rain is expected to dampen folks in southeastern Texas.

As chilly air remains across the region Saturday, the threat for freezing rain will continue for much of the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles.

Story written by Meteorologist Jordan Root