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Photographers Capture Stunning Views of Tuesday's Rocket Launch

A rocket, Minotaur I, launched Tuesday night from the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island, Va., to send the U.S. Air Force's Space Test Program Satellite-3 into orbit. The Total solar irradiance Calibration Transfer Experiment is onboard the satellite to measure the sun's energy output and to gain information on how solar changes can affect the Earth's climate.

NOAA announced on Wednesday that the instrument has successfully entered its orbit. It will stay in space and monitor the sun's energy wavelengths until another instrument of this kind is launched, for which there is not yet a date set.

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Scientists are aiming to understand more about the Earth's climate and the factors that can cause changes in it.

These photographers from across the mid-Atlantic were able to get some stunning photographs of the rocket launch Tuesday night.

This shot was taken by Mike McNamara in Jersey City, N.J.

A view of the rocket launch taken by Werner Tedesco in Cape May Point, N.J.

Gregg from Mayhem Mc C's Photography drove to Wallops Island, Va., to get this picture.

Hunter Outten also captured this image of the second stage boosters kicking in.

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