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Italy Flooding Blamed for 18 Deaths

Persistent rain over southern Europe this past week has the storm, locally knows as cyclone Cleopatra, taking lives in Sardinia.

According to BBC News, at least 18 people, including 4 children, have been killed on the Italian island of Sardinia due to the heavy rains. Even more people are still missing.

The situation caused Prime Minister Enrico Letta to declare a state of emergency.

The island of Sardinia is settled in the Mediterranean Sea, and the second largest island there, but it has been no match for the storm. Sardinia has been hit by rounds of heavy rain since early last weekend, but some of the heaviest rain came Monday into Tuesday. Some of the highest rainfall totals include 38.4 mm (1.51 inches) in Capo Frasca and Capo Caccia that totaled 35 mm (1.38 inches) since Sunday.

Vigna Di Valle near Rome has also had substantial rain with 65.2 mm (2.57 inches) since Sunday.

This rain caused overflown rivers, leading to the collapse of bridges, roads being washed away and feet of water in homes and in the streets.

Although Cleopatra is dissipating and moving out of the area, more unsettled weather is expected through the weekend as another low from the North Sea dips down into southern Europe.

This rain is expected over most of Italy, including Sardinia, further hindering the recovery process.