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Eastern India Target for Tropical Cyclone

Tropical Cyclone 04B in the Bay of Bengal is moving westward towards the east coast of India, with strengthening likely before landfall.

The center TC 04B is still about 200 miles from the coastline, but the trend westward will aim the system towards the central eastern Indian coast. Because of the slow movement of the storm, the exact location of landfall is still difficult to pin down. However, the area between the cities of Visakhapatnam and Chennai seems likely.

Rainfall will be the biggest threat with this system, bringing heavy rain as early as Wednesday morning, local time. Landfall should wait until later on Thursday, bringing some stronger wind gusts up to 40 mph along the coast.

This is not the first time that eastern India has been hit this season by tropical systems.

Phalin tracked through the Bay of Bengal, making landfall farther north, near Brahmapur in the middle of October. The system from last week stated to the south of this new storm, keeping rain along the southern tip of India.

However, TC 04B could be the start of systems in central India for November.

Looking ahead, there is a good chance for the development of another tropical system in the Bay of Bengal over the weekend. In moving to a favorable environment again, this second storm has the time and potential to be even stronger than the one this week.

A series of storms could bring a serious threat for flooding to the east-central coast of India later this month.