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Middle East Flood Threat Continues

Unsettled weather has targeted the Middle East for the past week and more flooding rainfall will be possible through the middle of the week.

Flooding rainfall hit Iraq last Tuesday, flooding the streets of Baghdad.

The same slow moving storm system shifted southward over the weekend bring heavy downpours to parts of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, saw rounds of heavy rainfall Saturday night and also on Sunday that prompted widespread street flooding.

The famous Kingdom Tower in Riyadh was reportedly struck by lightning during the storms, according to

Following the widespread flooding that knocked out power to parts of the city and made travel nearly impossible, civil defense officials stated at least four people were killed, according to UPI.

Unfortunately this storm system will continue to produce rounds of locally heavy rainfall and flooding across eastern Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran through at least Thursday.

The generally dry and hard ground of the region can quickly lead to flash flooding problems when heavy rain falls.