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Deadly Flooding in Vietnam

Tropical Depression 32W produced extreme rainfall and deadly flooding across parts of central Vietnam last week.

Rainfall totaled over 500 mm (20 inches) in Hue, while over 425 mm (17 inches) fell in Da Nang.

The National Floods and Storms Control Agency confirmed that 36 people died in the latest round of flooding, while about 80,000 people were forced from there homes.

Houses are submerged by flood water in southern Vietnam in October 2011. (AP Photo/Vietnam News Agency, Duc Tam)

An official for the Central Steering Committee for Storm and Flood and Control stated that the flooding was made worse by the release of water from 10 hydroelectric plants, according to the Bangkok Post.

Some additional rainfall is expected this week as an onshore flow continues to pull moisture in from the South China Sea, however rainfall amounts will be much lower.

This round of flooding was south of areas that were hardest hit by former Typhoon Haiyan about a week earlier. That storm killed at least 13 people.