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Sharp Temperature Drop for Los Angeles Weekend

After reaches highs in the 90s Wednesday and Thursday this week, Los Angeles is facing a sharp temperature drop through the weekend.

For Friday there will be a 20-degree drop in the high temperature, will will likely not surpass 74 degrees. Saturday and Sunday will be even cooler with highs not breaking out of the upper 60s as showers move through the area.

The precipitation will likely only come in the form a few morning, misty showers with very little measurable rainfall. Showers will begin Friday night into early Saturday morning and persist intermittently through the early hours of Sunday.

Saturday's daytime hours will feature mostly cloudy skies after the rain subsides. Sunday will see a bigger break from the cloud coverage with only periodic times of passing clouds.

Overnight lows will be in the mid- to lower 50s all weekend. Breezes will be very light, likely not surpassing 5 mph for the inland areas.