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Mostly Clear Conditions Set up for Bay Area Weekend

It will be a mostly clear and dry weekend for the San Francisco area. Partial clouds will persist at times through the start of the next workweek, but there are no chances of any precipitation until Tuesday.

Temperatures will be slightly cooler than highs were to start the previous week, with each day expected to hover around the 60-degree mark.

Overnight lows will drop to the upper 40s with some slightly increased low cloud coverage that will disperse a bit during the daytime.

It will be slightly breezy through Saturday night, with gusts up to 15 mph, higher near the coast. Sunday will see a bit more stagnant air with occasional 3-mph breezes and gusts up to 7 mph.

These conditions will stay much the same to start the next workweek. Next chance of a shower or brief thunderstorm will be during the overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.