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Windy Conditions to Challenge Firefighters in Detroit

Flames broke out Thursday afternoon just north of downtown Detroit after a chemical plant was set on fire.

As windy conditions continue to sweep through the city during the evening hours, containment of the fire will prove to be difficult.

According to The Detroit News, about 40 firefighters are working to the contain the HAZMAT level three blaze.

The plant is located at the intersection of Mount Elliott Street and Luce Avenue on the east side of the city.

Initial reports believed that hazardous materials may have been inside the building, but recent reports indicate that the building mass produces paint and other painting-related supplies.

All surrounding buildings are currently being evacuated.

As of Thursday afternoon, sustained winds from the north, northwest reached 20 mph. However, gusts up to 30 mph are possible.

Winds will remain gusty through the evening and gradually diminish. However, there is no chance of rain for the city.