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Rain, Storms and Damaging Winds to Threaten Detroit to Memphis

Periods of rain, thunderstorms and locally damaging winds will bring a stormy end to the upcoming weekend across the Ohio Valley.

Initially, some locally strong winds may rattle areas from St. Louis to Chicago Saturday night into early Sunday. By Sunday, rounds of wind-driven rain will soak cities such as Indianapolis to Columbus, Ohio, and areas south toward Louisville, Ky., and Memphis and Nashville, Tenn.

Some thunderstorms will accompany the rain, potentially unleashing locally damaging winds in the region. The combination of a rain-soaked ground and strong winds can topple trees and power lines as the powerful storm drives through.

Flights may have significant delays due to the wind, particularly for Detroit and Indianapolis. Those traveling by car can face slow travel across Interstates 90, 70 and 64 among a host of other roadways as blinding downpours sweep across the region.

There will not be a significant threat of tornadoes across the region, but one or two may spin up in the strongest thunderstorms. The low tornado threat will continue the trend of a historically low year for tornadoes across the United States.

The storm responsible for the stormy weather will also drive a new cold wave into the U.S. Unseasonably warm and humid air ahead of this storm will clash with a new wave of arctic air slamming into the region creating the volatile situation.

The wet and stormy weather across the Ohio and Tennessee valleys will be replaced with much colder and drier weather on Monday, as the stormy weather moves into the East Coast.