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Arctic Air, First Snowflakes of Season Aim for Philly, NYC

With the start of Astronomical winter still a little over a month away, it will feel a lot more like December than November across a large part of the Northeast this week.

A bitter cold air mass that has been building across Canada has become dislodged from the Arctic, and the bulk of this air will sweep across the United States this week.

The coldest temperatures will be on Tuesday and Wednesday as the winterlike chill spills into the Northeast behind an arctic cold front.

High temperatures from Washington, D.C., northward to Philadelphia, New York City and Boston will fail to get out of the 40s, and areas farther inland will not even make it out of the 30s. On Tuesday night, the first below-freezing temperatures are likely from Washington, D.C., to New York City.

Accompanying this front will be very gusty winds and perhaps the first snowflakes of the season for some along the I-95 Corridor.

It should be noted that this is not going to be a major snow event. It will not even be a minor snow event, but do not be surprised if you wake up on Tuesday morning and there are a few snowflakes in the air as you head out to your car.

To put this air mass into some better perspective, consider the normal high temperature for New York City on Tuesday is 55F. AccuWeather is forecasting a high of only 41F, which is the average for Dec. 21 (the first day of winter).

Similarly, in Philadelphia, the average high temperature on Tuesday is 58F. AccuWeather is forecasting a high of only 42F, which is the average high temperature on Dec. 24.

Luckily, this winter chill will not be sticking around for very long, as temperatures will be warming back toward more seasonable levels for the start of the weekend.