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Snowflakes May Reach Atlanta, Charlotte Tuesday Night

Snowflakes accompanying the arctic invasion into the eastern U.S. will not only reach the Northeast's I-95 corridor, but may also press southward to Atlanta and Charlotte. meteorologists now feel that the impending arctic blast will not pave the way for a widespread disruptive snowstorm at midweek.

A storm along the leading edge of the arctic air could still strengthen across the western Atlantic, but should do so far enough offshore to prevent significant snow from unfolding along the East Coast.

That does not mean this arctic blast will not be accompanied by snow.

Several inches of snow will whiten northwestern and north-central Montana Sunday through Sunday night, then the arctic air's arrival will be accompanied by rain and wet snow over the Midwest and Northeast Sunday night through Tuesday.

Across the Midwest and Northeast, any snow accumulations would generally be confined to the mountains from West Virginia to Maine and where lake-effect snow then takes shape. Any snow would just make an appearance in Chicago, Boston, New York City and Philadelphia.

Snowflakes may even be seen in Charlotte and Atlanta as the band of snow works southward down the spine of the Appalachians late Tuesday through Tuesday night.

Any snowflakes in these two cities would occur late Tuesday night and do nothing more than serve as a reminder that winter is just around the corner. No accumulation will occur.

A few inches of accumulation is expected in the mountains of the southern Appalachians. With leaves still on trees, enough snow could fall to weigh down some tree branches.