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Arctic Blast Takes Aim at Central, Eastern US Next Week

Arctic air is on the move and will sweep into the central and eastern United States next week.

The northern Plains and the Upper Midwest will be first to feel the icy air on Monday.

The southern Plains, Ohio Valley, lower Mississippi Valley and the interior Northeast will have their turn on Tuesday.

It will take until Wednesday and Thursday for the coldest air to reach the Atlantic Seaboard.

Make sure the furnace is in good shape, there is wood for the fireplace and you have an ice scraper handy for the car.

The first few hours of the cold wave will be accompanied by stiff winds and RealFeel® temperatures significantly lower than the actual temperature.

The weather pattern next week will deliver the lowest temperatures of the season so far and is likely to bring the first frost or freeze of the season to some places in Texas, the southern Plains and South.

The core of the cold air will sweep from the northern Plains to the middle part of the Mississippi Valley and then into the Ohio Valley.

Actual temperatures may fail to reach the freezing mark for a couple of days around Minneapolis. Highs may be held in the 30s around Chicago. Dallas could have its first frost of the season.

There is a chance that New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., will have their first freezing temperatures of the fall.

As the arctic air passes over the warm waters of the Great Lakes, it will be modified somewhat but will also produce bands of heavy lake-effect snow.

A storm riding along the leading edge of the Arctic air may bring a swath of snow from the Ohio Valley to the Appalachians and East Coast. How quickly the storm strengthens will determine whether or not that snow becomes excessive from the Appalachians to the East Coast.

Temperatures will moderate next weekend.