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AccuWeather Unveils Minute by Minute Forecasting Capability

Following the acquisition of SkyMotion, AccuWeather will soon offer consumers in the United States and Canada highly localized Minute by Minute Forecasts™ called MinuteCast™.

The MinuteCast forecasts will allow consumers to make informed decisions about short-range activities, such as walking the dog and cutting the grass.

"Suppose I am driving somewhere and rain is flooding the roadway. Traffic is snarled and not moving. I am supposed to be somewhere for an appointment in 30 minutes," Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams said.

"Quickly, I check the MinuteCast and it tells me the rain will not stop for another 46 minutes. Right away, I get on the phone (remember, traffic is stopped) and reschedule."

MinuteCast will include temperature, precipitation type and intensity or no precipitation, as well as start and end times of precipitation for exact locations.

The technology used in MinuteCast tracks precipitation at approximately one half-mile resolution, using a complex set of algorithms that forecast the direction of precipitation clouds over a two-hour period.

This will allow users to enter a specific address when obtaining a forecast, not just a town name or zip code.

Additionally, the forecast refreshes every five minutes for all locations to give users the most accurate and up-to-date weather forecast possible.

AccuWeather anticipates the availability of this function soon on all of AccuWeather's mobile applications including iOS, Android and Windows, as well as

"With AccuWeather's introduction of the new MinuteCast, we will now offer the most accurate minute by minute forecast available in the market," Dr. Joel N Myers, AccuWeather Founder and President said. "MinuteCast will provide our customers with a critical and valuable decision-making tool."